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No$gba 2.6a + NO$Zoomer utility

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No$gba 2.6a + NO$Zoomer utility Empty No$gba 2.6a + NO$Zoomer utility

Post  Griever on Mon Mar 07, 2011 6:11 pm

NO$Zoomer allows you to play in full screen while changing the size ratio of the dual screens this is useful for games such as pokemon, FF, Zelda, etc, since you can make one screen (the useless screen) smaller and the other one much bigger.
Also has many other features, making it the best utility for the No$GBA.

(Fixes the text issue in FF IV making the game fully playable, but the graphics are still pretty messed-up.
I find Pokemon and FF III to work close to perfection.)

If you are using Windows Vista you need to give No$Zoomer admin rights in order to work properly. LHA3A47M

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