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(N64) - Nintendo 64 Emulators

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(N64) - Nintendo 64 Emulators Empty (N64) - Nintendo 64 Emulators

Post  Griever on Mon Mar 07, 2011 3:54 pm

(N64) - Nintendo 64 Emulators N64_baby

Nintendo 64
Released in 1996
The Nintendo 64, commonly called the N64, is Nintendo's third home video game console. The N64 was released on June 23, 1996 in Japan, September 29, 1996 in North America, 1 March 1997 in Europe/Australia and September 1, 1997 in France. It was released with only two launch games in Japan and North America (Super Mario 64 and PilotWings 64) while Europe had a third launch title in the form of Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (which was released earlier in the other markets). The Nintendo 64 cost $199 at launch in the United States.

During the developmental stages the N64 was referred to by its code name, Project Reality. The name Project Reality came from the speculation within Nintendo that this console could produce CGI on par with then-current super computers. Once unveiled to the public the name changed to Nintendo Ultra 64, referring to its 64-bit processor, and Nintendo dropped "Ultra" from the name on February 1, 1996, just five months before its Japanese debut.

(N64) - Nintendo 64 Emulators 9icq4z

Project64 1.6 ?c3winmjomv4

1964 0.9.9 ?ihtyd2wzlzk

UltraHLE 1.1.0 ?ytwu32hzz1j

Nemu64 0.8 ?kmznwytdmti

Mupen64 0.5.1 ?jy4n553wygy

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